Saturday, August 19, 2023

The best things in life are free ...

 All my life I was interested in open source and I ve been working a lot with it. Mostly due to the job as a developer in an area, where clients have to be cheap, we have been always forced to work with Linux, OpenJDK and lots of other open source products. 

I was reading "the cathedral and the bazaar" and was always a fan of decentralized organizations,  architectures and approaches. While I was working in a normal company, to feed my family - my stars have always been more or less like Jack Dorsey, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden,etc ... 

Now that the skills to communicate with new technologies moved fast forward especially during the Corona years, the possibilities to explore such decentralized solutions are not used that much yet by the normal citizen. This is mostly because it is not yet seen, that our actual freedom in the western community could soon be at risk. 

Actually the world, the economies and the democraties are even getting more vulnerable, due to dictators forcing special military operations on their neighbourhood and billionaires fooling their own countries and the world - thats why these decentralized approaches and views are getting more important! And there are new advanced technologies, which are not only open source, but also more or less technologies of freedom: Bitcoin is on its way to overtake normal currencies and the blockchain technology will not halt here. Even artificial intelligence has its open source analogy! There is a book about these technologies, so I dont have to describe them here, but I strongly recommend to get used to such technologies in the near future.


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